《移動記 I :Venezia,台湾》

《移動記 I :Venezia,台湾》

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Published in September, 2010.
Reproduction of a hand drawn book.

Jan.-Feb. 2002, I went to Venice for 2 weeks. That was the first time I stayed in a youth hostel. I was shocked, when I saw bathroom without door curtain in female dorm, when I saw naked body between bedroom and bathroom.

I started to draw on this book since September 2002, the beginning of this book is about my memories from Venice youth hostel at Giudecca, and a blonde hair roommate.

After several monthes, I started to draw my travel diaries/road comics/road movies book when I traveled around Taiwan by train: Fangliao , Pinghsi - Sandiaoling - Yilan - Hualien - Chingshui Cliff - Alishan ... (枋寮,平溪 - 三貂嶺 - 宜蘭 - 花蓮 - 清水斷崖 - 阿里山 ...)


Interested in preserving the duration of memory, I use books to be the carrier of my creations; through the characteristic of page flipping, showing the movement of time and space, resulting in continuous dynamic imagination.

The motivation of my travel is to fulfill the image creation mode with books as the carrier, through the moving of the real body, trying to let my real life imitate my duration of memory.

On the road, I opened my book and accumulated my strokes page by page. Pages carry the fragments of time, page flipping creates the flux of becoming, books show the duration of the entire life.

"Creative journey" is really intended to let the external journey imitate the internal imagination. However, the state of travel itself also lets the creator in contact with unexpected strong stimulation. Experience of these incidents will not disappear overnight. After a long period of precipitation, memories of the last trip will become the base of the next trip; reality and imagination will imitate and promote each other.

Through the mode of growth and stacking, repetition and extension to structure the image. Intend to show a spiritual depth instead of the virtual image of three-dimensional distance. Frames in the pages show the sequences of time and space; montage the complex, staggered time and space to express dreams and memories.

The binding forms of the carrier become the visual elements throughout the entire artwork; the spread of the book is the moment now, the left pages link to the past and the right pages undertake the future.








劉穎捷 2002 2003 = 移動記 Travel Book I (Venezia, 台灣)

Memories: Venice
*Youth hostel
*Bedroom(Dorm bed)
*Bathroom(Without door)
*Roomate(Blonde hair)

移動記 Road book(旅行寫生 Travel sketch):台灣 Taiwan
*親吻岩 Kissing Stone(鵝鑾鼻 Eluanbi)
*從枋寮上車之後 Fangliao
*松山車站→平溪線 Pinghsi Line(綠樹)
*三貂嶺車站 Sandiaoling Train Station→宜蘭 Yilan(藍海)
*第411號列車 Ordinary express train No.411(Stop running)
*花蓮 Hualien:一步又一步,接近清水斷崖之中
*幸福水泥.和仁 Heren
*清水斷崖 Chingshui Cliff(Moonrise)
*太平洋日出 Pacific Ocean : Sunrise
*奮起湖 Fenqihu(阿里山小火車 Alishan Railway)
*花東縱谷 East Rift Valley


Full color digital lithography printing by HP indigo 5000.
Coptic binding with special hole and flat back cover(hand bound by book artist Yoshosu, 9 signatures, section sewn, open flat).
130 gsm white fine art paper.
187.5 kg Egyptian gold Zipang(ジパング) metallic paper.
Black uncoated woodfree paper.
14.8 cm x 21 cm.
143 pages + cover.
Limited first edition of 20, numbered. This listing is for № 14.

ISBN 978-957-41-7331-0


In Collection 典藏
◆ National Central Library 國家圖書館 - Taipei, Taiwan
◆ Taipei National University of the Arts Library 國立臺北藝術大學圖書館 - Taipei, Taiwan
◆ Bank Street Arts - Sheffield, UK
◆ Private Collectors

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Original artwork remains the property of Ying-Chieh Liu and the buyer is not entitled to reproduction rights.

© Ying-Chieh Liu